Application of PUR hot-melt adhesive in automobile industry


Application of PUR hot-melt adhesive in automobile industry

It shows excellent adhesion ability to porous materials such as wood, leather, fabric, paper, ceramics and surface smooth materials such as plastic, metal, glass and rubber.

In 2014, PUR hot melt adhesive were sold globally a total of 818,600 tons of, an increase of 2.5% over the previous year. The market is expected to reach $5.014 billion by 2019, with a compound annual growth rate of 5%.

PUR, has many advantages and various types of products, which are widely used in the sealing of windshield and lamp packaging, automobile body sealing, automobile interior decoration and other parts in automobile manufacturing. In 2017, China completed the production and sales of 29.015400 and 28.8789 million vehicles, respectively. The PUR hot-melt adhesive for automobile is estimated to be about 18,600 tons.

1. Sealing of windshield and encapsulation of lamps: glass and lamps are likely to explode under high temperature environment, so room temperature curing is a very good method, while PUR hot melt adhesive is cured by moisture, so it has a very good bonding effect and application for some materials that cannot withstand high temperature.

Adhesion of automobile interior decoration parts: most of automobile interior decoration parts belong to non-metallic materials such as PVC, ABS film, thin sheet, plate, foam plastic plate, carpet and wood grain decorative plate. The adornment spare parts with lesser force, use PUR hot melt adhesive to stick commonly now, when plastic sheet wraps the edge of the door and adornment line board edge, also use hot melt adhesive to stick join fixed position.

Welding and sealing of automobile body covering parts: when the automobile body is sealed, the whole automobile is in the late installation stage, and the construction quality is required to be high. Generally, it is required that the glue seam should be as small and smooth as possible to ensure the appearance of the automobile body. Now more use of polyolefin or PUR hot melt adhesive.

With the development of automotive value chain, adhesives play an important role, and the automotive industry continues to seek more practical and low-cost ways to reduce vehicle weight, while improving vehicle performance and customer satisfaction. Different automobile brand manufacturers have different requirements for adhesion, but the basic content is the same, that is, to simulate the environment that automobile may face in the actual use process, and the demand of automobile market will also point out the direction for the development of PUR hot-melt adhesive in the automobile industry.

NDC is specializing in hot melt adhesive application, the coating laminating machine has been widely applied in certain industries: filter materials, construction waterproof materials, car inner decoration materials, soundproof materials etc.

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