NDC Drum Melter


The drum unloader is electrically operated equipment that combines a heated platen, pump and all controls to melt and dispense which melts solid-state hot melt glue and then delivery the liquid through hose and guns to substrates. This equipment has functions of temperature control and pressurized delivery and spray & coating, it can add the function module of automatic tracking control system according to clients’ requirements.

NDC hot melt spray & coating system is applicable in extensive range, including the non-woven fabric industry, product assembly and packaging, automobile, book & magazine binding. With compact structure, strong expansibility, high stability and reliability, this machine is suitable for different industries. This equipment features with the function of pressing delivery, it can improve the input pressure of gear pump entrance glue, and guarantee the larger output volume. Due to this equipment requires the interrupt process of replacing glue drum, so this machine is usually used in the primary glue or don’t need to continue work of occasions.

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