NDC Hot Melt Coating Machine


NDC NTH Series hot melt coating laminating machine was successfully researched and exploited combining advanced technology from occident developed countries with mature experience of our company on hot melt glue machine.

NTH Series hot melt laminating machine consist of hot melt glue machine and coating machine. The machine brings in the technology compounding melting and coating. The melting glue is 100% solid which can be melted to coat without any thinner. Therefore, it needn’t drying but cooling on the contrary if there’s some special technique requires. Comparing the hot melt glue of solvent type, it enhances the intension for tension fracture resistance and anti-water to supply a gap of ordinary dipping coating, roller coating and spray coating. With advantage of high speed, fine effect, small area and no pollution, it’s in accordance with requires of coating trade in the epoch and it has good foreground for applying.

NTH Series hot melt coating laminating machine can satisfy with hot melt coating for many materials, such as label, metal foil, non-woven, kraft paper, silicon paper, plastic film, carpet and textile. At present, it’s used in a wide range of fields, including packaging, clothes, shoes, medicine and electron industry. Our company adopts optimized design, comply with customer’s requirements, to maximize the practicability and flexibility and always focuses our customers on the technology, quality, appearance and service.

The coating width is optional, as 300mm, 600mm, 1200mm and 2400mm.
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