Solvent-free Adhesive Advantage


Solvent-free adhesive advantage

1-Environment protecting

Solvent-free laminating using solvent-free adhesive, neither volatile VOCs, will not produce any pungent odor and solve the problem of solvent residue in packaging at the same time ,eliminate the erosion of organic solvent on printing ink, can also achieve clean production, which is conducive to environmental protection.


There is no drying for Solvent - free laminating equipment, reducing energy consumption. Moreover, in the later curing process, the curing temperature of solvent-free laminating is basically the same as that of dry laminating, so the energy consumption is relatively close.


Because it doesn't contain organic solvents, In the process of production, transportation, storage and use, there is no hidden danger of fire and explosion, no need for explosion protection and thermal protection measures, no need for storage of solvents warehouse, more importantly, there is no harm to the health of operation workers.


Using solvent-free adhesive laminating speed is generally 250 ~ 350 m/min, the highest even up to 400 ~ 500 m/min; The speed of solvent-based adhesive is generally 150 ~ 180 m/min. Using water - based adhesive laminating speed is lower.

NDC is specializing in hot melt adhesive application,provide professional hot melt coating laminating equipment, which has been widely applied in certain industries: filter materials, construction waterproof materials, car inner decoration materials, soundproof materials etc.

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